Tammy Doering, Founder & Formulator of Aviv International Dead Sea Products began her passionate 'love affair' with The Dead Sea in 1998 after battling Psoriasis and Seborrhea for 16 years with dermatologists and slowly weening herself off the debilitating prescription drugs her doctor had her on for the Fibromyalgia she was diagnosed with in 1997.

She was a complete 'basket case', both physically and mentally. She felt like a leper  with the oozing sores all over scalp and neck and her hair was falling out on a daily basis. She'd lost all ten of her fingernails to MMA (Methyl methacrylate) which was illegally being used on her nail beds to attach her acrylic nails. And to top it all off, her skin looked like shoe leather (at age 34) due to 'sunbed abuse' and over-exposure to the sun growing up in Alabama.

One day, out of sheer desperation and desire to feel 'human' again, she began begging God to help her find a natural way to look and feel better. She clung to the bible verse Ezekiel 47:12 - "Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing." (NIV)

She began to learn about natural oils and butters, as well as essential oils and their healing properties. As she learned, she'd purchase small quantities of each ingredient so she could smell, touch, feel and could personally work with each one.

Then one day in her research she came across medical documentation published on the use of Dead Sea Salts and Mud for successful healing of psoriasis issues for patients at the Dead Sea. She became her own 'guinea pig' and began mixing and blending ingredients and applying them to her scalp and body. In the course of 8 weeks she not only healed her scalp and neck of the psoriasis and seborrhea, her fingernails grew back in - stronger than ever!

The story is quite in-depth, and will be elaborated on in our blog site, along with her journeys to The Dead Sea.

Over the course of time Tammy began formulating products for her needs and her customers.

As time went on, she needed larger quantities of Dead Sea Ingredients. She began researching natural sources for Dead Sea Salt, Mud, Clay & Brine. Much to her dismay, she found products that claimed to be 'All Natural' and they were not. They had fillers added and even pesticides used for preservatives.

After working with several suppliers, she embarked on her own journey to Israel and Jordan to find a partner that would comply with her product needs of 100% Pure & Natural Dead Sea Mud, Salt, Clay & Brine.

Today her company - Dead Sea Bulk Materials has been importing the 'Real Deal' Dead Sea Ingredients since 1998. Their bulk ingredients contain No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Petroleum By-products and conduct No Animal Testing.

As our retail site grows, we will be creating video demonstrations along with the history/story behind each products inception.

We're honored to have you visit out site and pray our products are as life changing for you as they are for us!

Our passion and mission in life is to help the world - 'Discover the Dead Sea Difference!"™