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If you're a Side Sleeper and wake up with Puffy Eyes every morning - This Pillow is for YOU!!!

When you sleep on your side, your sinuses drain into the soft tissue area under your eyes, causing puffiness. And if you've consumed too much salt or over-indulged the night before, the issue gets worse!

The pillow suspends your face while you're sleeping. Your head weighs between 8-10 pounds. That weight pushing down on your face while you sleep enhances Crows Feet, Fine  Lines and Wrinkles!

The Pillow also keeps expensive eye creams on your face instead of moisturizing your pillow!

We have been using this pillow with the Microfiber Pillow Case since 2001! Our pillows have traveled with us in our carry on luggage all over the world!

Great for chronic neck issues or people that suffer with Fibromyalgia - ask us how we know! :)